Make Money Through Blog With Shopstylers Malaysia

Do you know in Malaysia, most concept to make money from blog dominated by affiliate program. Affiliate is ones of the best program that associate with website. This is not about affiliate program that I concerned. But the product that being promote mostly are digital product like eBook. Actually I would like to promote physical […]

Samsung NX2000 Smart camera

Last week I want to find latest information related to the world when talking about the camera and the camera, it is a common thing if every innovation made ​​by Nikon or Canon brand. But for this time of the article, we want to talk about not the latest camera released by Canon and Nikon […]

Sony NEX-5R Digital Camera Review

Sony NEX-5R is a new camera which has been released by Sony and it has a very unique design. The first time I saw the Sony NEX-5R I thought this camera may be long, but my camera kind of mistake when Sony NEX-5R is the latest camera available in the market.  I myself started to […]

Share Photos Online Via Samsung Galaxy Camera

Some people say that the Samsung Galaxy Camera can be called “Android Camera“. It is a pretty great combination between android and camera. What is Samsung Galaxy Camera? Samsung Galaxy Camera is a camera that has the ability to do point-and-shoot camera with a 21x zoom that runs an Android Jelly Bean OS. It was developed in Wi-Fi, […]

Resident Evil 6 With AMD Radeon HD 6670

It is a long ago that I playing PC games. Now, I’m just want to waste my free time to trying out the new series of Resident Evil 6 Video Game for my personal computer (PC). This games is already several month in market (Malaysia). The last Resident Evil series that I played are Resident […]